The TWO CAR GIVE away.
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Pete and I are heading away from the city and have decided to let go of "La Flamme" and "Black Beauty". Selling the cars would be fine and all, but we thought we would pay homage to the gesture that helped start this journey - giving a car a way. These aren't the best cars in the world, but they run and will get you were you need to go. They've helped us make money and played a significant role in keeping our vision alive. You probably don't need either, but we can guarantee you know someone who does. A brother who is down on his luck, a daughter who is turning sixteen, or a hard working mother who just wants to make her day a little easier. We all know someone in need. Speaking from first hand, giving a vehicle to someone in need is a priceless feeling - worth far more than the twenty dollars a ticket will cost you. We are not looking to profit from this, so the tickets will be capped at 350. That puts yours odds at 1/175 to win. Feel free to do what you will with the keys, but the ownership will be left blank in case you decide to change someones life for the better. Twenty bucks can be two meals at Mcdonalds or a fun opportunity to surprise a loved one.

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